Visitors admire its industrial design at the British Museum …

owners taste the genius of its hydrodynamics at the dinner table.

Manufacturer: A. GEZANG & CO BV - -


Cona all-glass coffeemaker

user instructions


Only use MEDIUM GROUND COFFEE, never use pulverize or finely ground coffee. In the event of coffee not returning to the lower bowl: Re-light the lamp and gently agitate the grounds to clear the air-lock.

Always snuff the flame first before removing, handling or touching any part of your coffeemaker. Never place any part of the Cona in a microwave-oven. Be aware that glass can break, and once broken can cause injury. Never seek grip by sticking thumb and/or fingers inside the funnel, but gently around it. Do not twist to loosen funnel


After use always rinse bowl, funnel and filter with tap water. Do not use an abrasive or scour pad. Clean glass parts by hand in lukewarm water, with a little bit of hand soap. Do not place any part in dishwasher. Do not submerge in water. Dry only with a hand towel. Allow the inner side of the bowl to dry by itself.

For this text we made use of an online instruction provided by US dealer “Sweet Maria’s”.

What makes the Cona so perfect for coffee devotees? Here is the answer!

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 How Abram Games created the “Cona” design-classic , and shaped it to perfection using scrapped plating of Spitfires.

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Cona History

A. Gezang & Co BV -

Cona Coffeemaker

“Maximum meaning, minimum means”

The famous Abram Games design-classic, making ‘slow coffee’ with scientific flair.

Cona Coffeemakers: Superior design and quality